All the results from CrossFit. None of the intimidation.

Personal Training

No Machines Needed

Personal Training with constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. In our Personal Training we use the same philosophy as our CrossFit classes which has produced amazing results. No machines needed, the effort you put forth will show in the results you earn. You will be matched with a trainer based upon your goals and current fitness level.

Why Personal Train With Us?

We put the Personal in Personal Training. Your trainer will get to know you, find out what motivates you, and know your abilities better than you would ever imagine. By doing this your workouts will be well-suited to your fitness level and your results will come quickly.

Immeasurable, and often overlooked with CrossFit training is the mental and emotional gains you will receive. Anyone can go into the gym and get stronger, but when was the last time they were truly challenged by a workout? Challenge equals Change and success is not one dimensional.


Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals