This is a guest post written by Heidi Pope Werner. 

According to the Amercan Council on Exercise, lunges are one of the most effective lower body exercises along with squats. These large muscle groups can speed up your metabolism, which helps you lose weight while strengthening.

Lunges are a standard move in the CrossFit WOD because the benefits are improvements in balance, mobility and strength. Add this to any routine at any level, and more advanced athletes can add weights, dumbbells and increase their set intensity.

I learned the high lunge in a yoga class and it quickly became my least favorite pose. I looked elegant like an egret, but my legs wobbled. Then I found Melissa and Bryan at CrossFit Delirium. Every day I walked in, lunges! They really helped me perfect the move to maximize its benefits. I noticed my lunges became more stable within a few weeks. I gained strength and confidence in CrossFit, yoga, and other athletic movements.

It may seem obvious that a lunge builds leg muscles in your quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. Lunges help to achieve balance by engaging your lower back muscles as well as your abdominals to stay upright and walk correctly. Body symmetry is also a benefit. Most people have a dominant side of their body that they work harder. Lunges help you build the less dominant side. It’s an overall efficient move to build your core!

Everyone can do lunges, anywhere, anytime. Lunges can be done in your living room, on the sidewalk, on the beach, or waiting for a bus. Lunge while making dinner, watching TV, as no special equipment is required. Plunge into the lunge!

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