This is a guest post written by Heidi Pope Werner. 

Summer is great for relaxing on the beach, swimming, surfing, and walking the boardwalk. Did you get all you wanted from your activities? Are you looking for more?

Some people may consider rowing a relaxing exercise with few benefits. Think again. Fitness fanatics are trading in their stationary bikes to row their way to svelte bodies.

Rowing engages you aerobically, but it also offers resistance training, or anaerobic conditioning. This is a workout that is efficient in its overall impact on transforming your body.

You use all parts of your body to row: arms, shoulders, legs, and core. That’s a great workout! Rowing also provides resistance in both directions: forward and back, while spinning or cycling has resistance in only one direction. That means you’re burning more calories and building more muscle in a rowing class compared to a spin class.

This is a great workout for all types of athletes. If you suffer from joint problems, injuries, or other physical issues, a high-impact workout may have more risks for repeat injury. Rowing is a good alternative for those who cannot perform weight-bearing exercises like running, lifting, or yoga; it will allow you to achieve your fitness goals with minimal impact.

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