This is a guest post written by Heidi Pope Werner on her initial experience at CrossFit Delirium. 

It’s 8 a.m. You grab your gym bag and running shoes, and you head out the door to your local gym. You repeat the same routine with the same results. Weeks, months, even a year has gone by and your body hasn’t changed. Are you seeing the results you had hoped in your current workout?

CrossFit Delirium is not your typical fitness partner. Differing from typical workout facilities and regimens, the concept promotes freedom for open movement while providing conditioning and strength training. The motivational techniques and spirit leave you wanting to become a better, stronger version of yourself. CrossFit training is anything but boring. This is the variety you’ve been looking for to chase the workout blues away.

Don’t like working out alone? Many participants endure the training not simply for the physical benefits, but for their mind and a sense of camaraderie as well. Studies find that 73-90% of people quit a gym within months of joining. CrossFit members find solace in the team activities and find encouragement from new friends during this interactive style workout.

Whether an elite athlete or a sedentary weekend warrior, each member has a unique story on how they arrived at CrossFit Delirium. The amazing coaches, Bryan and Melissa, take the time to adapt the intense training for everyone to maximize personal results and satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk out of the gym smiling?

If you’ve tried running, you can do this. If you’ve tried yoga, you can do this. If you haven’t tried anything, then you need to try CrossFit. Workout routines are scaled to our needs.  Your routine grows with your strength and conditioning commitment. You are challenged here to be competitive; it’s you versus yourself.