Hi, my name is Chris Boyko, I am 21-years-old and will be a senior in college. I am interning at Crossfit Delirium and I am responsible for a blog about CrossFit from a newbie’s point of view.

To give myself a little background information on my fitness history, I have been swimming ever since I was 2-years- old. By high school I joined my swim team and by senior year of high school I was captain of the swim team. As I got to college I fell behind on swimming and my first semester I took some time to take in the whole college experience. By my second semester I figured out my schedule and made sure to fit working out in my everyday routine. By the end of my Junior year in college I was content with my workouts and thought I had a good exercise plan until I found Crossfit.

Like most of you reading this I had already hear about the horror stories of CrossFit. My brother had taken a CrossFit class once. My brother lives in Georgia, and he took a Crossfit class there, where he told me his experience. “Dude, the class wasn’t so great, I felt like I was going to throw up afterward!” I was scared for my first CrossFit class not going to lie, but I never stray away from a challenge. As I walked into the class Melissa greeted me with a smiling face and we all started our stretches. Everyone was gathered around in a circle stretching with a PVC pipe where Melissa chimed in, “Alright so keep stretching and we’re going to start off with names!”, she said enthusiastically. As we kept stretching we all said our names and what I noticed even after the first class is that she starts the class off by introductions so that even if it’s not your first class you are always going to be welcomed by name. After the warm up Melissa would then instruct the class how to do various workouts step by step so that everyone would be comfortable with the exercise before performing it fully. As the workout of the day (WOD) commenced Melissa and Bryan would come by each person and check up on them to make sure they were okay with the drill.

After the class was over I showed that I clearly built up a sweat, but I was still smiling. This was good, I squashed my preconceived notion that my brother’s story built up in my head and was still standing. I felt like a champion, I never had a workout this elevating before. I was tired, but I felt like I just jumped over my plateau in working out. For Crossfit Delirium, they focus on the individual to make sure that they are happy with these workouts. Working out regardless should not be about settling it should be about pushing your limits and constantly improving. Crossfit Delirium does that and I can say that you will not be settling for a regular exercise, you will find that you are more than capable of doing all sorts of things and you WILL.

Check back in next week for another post from Chris.